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  • Título: Magnum Photos: Poster Book (icons)
  • Autores: Magnum Photos
  • Publicado: 8 de septiembre de 2016
  • ISBN: 0500420467
  • Tamaño: .MB
  • Nº de páginas: 40
  • Idiomas: Español
  • Editorial:
  • Valoración: ★★★★★
  • País: España
  • Genero: Novela kindle
  • Comprimido: no
  • Formato : PDF, EPUB

Magnum Photos con Magnum Photos: Poster Book (icons)

Thames & Hudson has enjoyed exceptional commercial success and critical acclaim in its collaborative ventures with Magnum Photos, notably with Magnum Magnum and Magnum Contact Sheets , which have combined sales of over 200,000 copies to date across eleven languages. With their 70th anniversary approaching in 2017, Magnum Photos has entered into an exclusive agreement with Thames & Hudson for the creation of a range of paper-based gift products. Created with Magnum’s full involvement and collaboration, and with each product aimed at either the active photographer or those who simply love great photography, these beautifully produced gifts will connect the Magnum brand with a greater global audience than ever before.Table of ContentsThe Posters1. Ian Berry: Tourists and residents on a hill overlooking Whitby Harbour. England, 1974 2. Dennis Stock: Venice Beach Rock Festival, California, USA, 1968 3. Chris Steele-Perkins: Road works near Mount Fuji. Fujikawaguchiko, Japan, 19994. Eve Arnold: Horse training for the militia. Inner Mongolia, China, 19795. Werner Bischof: Courtyard of the Meiji Shrine. Tokyo, Japan, 1951 6. Jonas Bendiksen: Locals and Russian tourists bathing in the Black Sea. 7. Henri Cartier-Bresson: Henri Matisse at his home, Le Rêve, in Vence, Alpes Maritimes, France, in 19448. Elliott Erwitt: California, USA, 19559. Martine Franck: 12-year-old Tulku Khentrul Lodro Rabsel with his tutor Lhagyel. Shechen Monastery, Boudhanath, Nepal, 199610. Harry Gruyaert: Fort-Mahon-Plage, Bay of the Somme, Picardy region, France, 199111. Burt Glinn: Members of the Seattle Tubing Society. Seattle, Washington, 195312. Guy Le Querrec: Dexter Gordon, Freddie Hubbard and Ron Carter on a film set in Épinay-sur-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, France. Tuesday 20 August, 198513. Martin Parr: New Brighton, England, 198514. Trent Parke: Bondi Beach, New South Wales, Australia, 200015. Robert Capa: Françoise Gilot (left), Pablo Picasso (centre) and Picasso’s nephew, Javier Vilató (right). Golfe-Juan, France, August 194816. Bruce Davidson: The Dwarf. The Palisades, New Jersey, USA, 1958 17. Herbert List: Portofino, Liguria, Italy, 1936 18. George Rodger: Hassau chieftains demonstrate their superb horsemanship in a ‘Fantasia’. N’Djamena (formerly Fort Lamy), Chad, 194119. Alec Soth: Charles. Vasa, Minnesota, USA, 200220. Inge Morath: A Llama in Times Square. New York City, USA, 1957
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