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  • Título: Religion And Culture Of The Jains
  • Autores: Kapoor Chand Jain
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Kapoor Chand Jain con Religion And Culture Of The Jains

This book emphasizes on Jain Lifestyle, its influence in Modern India and Mahatma Gandhi. It simplifies the complex nature of Jain literature for the first time reader. Kapoor Chand Jain had been a brilliant student throughout. Starting from R.B. High School, Palasbari, then to Cotton Collegiate School in Guwahati, he passed Intermediate from the Cotton College, Guwahati. He later went to Kolkata for higher studies and did his B.A. in English Hons. from St. Xavier’s College and MA in English from the prestigious Presidency College and Law from Calcutta University all in 1st class. He has to his distinction the honour of securing highest marks in Assamese subject in Gauhati University in I.A. class. A successful businessman, he is associated with many local organizations and philanthropic institutions in the field of literature and culture. He was the long standing president of Jain Society of Guwahati and secretary and principal of Shri Digambar Jain Vidyalaya, Guwahati. Currently he is the Editor In Chief of Jain Gazette, the oldest Jain periodical in the world which is over 100 years old. He can be contacted through his website for more details.
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