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Susan Thomas con The Ice Ages: The Forecast Is Freezing

The idea that an ice age can start with extreme rapidity is given further credence by the Greenland Ice Core project known as GRIP. Scientists have drilled two miles deep for ice core samples in Greenland. These ice samples provided GRIP with a record for the past 250,000 years. The team found that the end-Eemian Ice Age began with a bang not a whimper. The onset of the ice age was a major catastrophic event rather than a gradual change to colder weather and temperatures plunged rapidly. The implications from the work by Team GRIP are worrying.......we need to be vigilant about any increase in icy stratospheric cloud formations as they could be a warning sign that water vapour is icing up into sparkling crystals. Remember that water vapour is the main greenhouse gas in our atmosphere and not carbon dioxide. Water vapour only functions as a greenhouse gas in vapour form. If it turns to minute ice crystals it becomes a freezing agent instead. The shining ice crystals in turn reflect the sunlight back into deep space. A terrifying albedo effect starts to unfold that is beyond our control. The diamond dust veil then initiates an ice age. Noctilucent clouds may be stunningly beautiful to look at but they may be the ominous portents of an icy future for Great Britain. We ignore this warning sign at our peril!.............Orbits of satellites are drifting because the ionosphere is becoming 17 degrees Celsius cooler per decade. Our upper atmosphere is also shrinking and is now 3% less dense. Could these be warning signs of our overdue ice age? .............The press reported that strange and beautiful clouds were seen hovering over the cold skies of England. These clouds were a rare phenomenon known as noctilucent clouds. These clouds are stunningly beautiful. They are also known as nacreous clouds since they shimmer with the opalescent colours that are similar to Mother of pearl. Noctilucent clouds are found high up in the stratosphere in Polar regions and so are also known as Polar Stratospheric Clouds or PSC`s. These clouds appear to be a recent phenomenon. There was no recorded sighting of these clouds before the year 1885. Satellite data shows that these high altitude frozen clouds have been increasing exponentially during the last few decades. The Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere, AIM satellite, is dedicated to the study of noctilucent clouds. Intriguingly there has been increased sighting of these clouds in the Northern Hemisphere..........The consequences of the Gulf Stream stalling would still be appalling in ways that we have yet to experience. Professor Wallace Broecker said that the Gulf Stream is the Achilles heel of the ocean conveyor belt circulation. He is very concerned that East Coast of America would freeze if the Gulf Stream stopped. Scotland benefits greatly from the Gulf Stream which allows the west coast to grow warm weather plants. Scotland is also on the same latitude as Hudson Bay where polar bears are found! If the Gulf Stream continues to lose salinity it could bring a new ice age for Europe and Great Britain. ....As the late Sir Fred Hoyle rightly pointed out, the main reason our atmosphere traps heat is water vapour and the hydrosphere. If the water vapour were to turn into minute ice crystals over the Northern Hemisphere we would have an instant ice age as the shiny ice crystals would exert a strong light reflecting albedo effect. Water vapour makes a wonderful greenhouse gas until it turns to ice! Yet scientists are still researching ways to geo-engineer and cool our planet. A very minute layer of reflective particles around our atmosphere could precipitate an instant ice age ...Ts colleague Matthew Penn have recorded a slide in sunspot magnetic fields for which there is no explanation. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, SOHO, mission shows a fall
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